Krystol Waterproofing Admixture SystemTM

Krystol Internal MembraneTM (KIMTM)

Innovative, award-winning Krystol Internal MembraneTM (or KIMTM and KIM HS) is the world’s leading and original integral crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture. KIM eliminates the need for conventional external waterproofing membranes. It saves time, money and hassles, both at the construction site and over the lifetime of your concrete structure.
KIM was also the first crystalline admixture to be available in pulpable bags for easy addition to the concrete mixer. KIM is the recipient of the Most Innovative Product award given out annually at the World of Concrete tradeshow. In addition KIM is the first concrete admixture to be certified by the International Code Council – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) as a Chemical Admixture Used in Concrete (AC198).
The KIM admixture can be added at the construction site, or at the concrete batching plant. Since it’s mixed right into the concrete, there’s no waiting around for concrete waterproofing application. Backfilling can begin as soon as the concrete sets.
By doing away with the need to leave space for applying external membranes, KIM provides maximum design flexibility. It allows the largest possible building footprint, enabling you to realize the greatest possible value for your property. KIM is also ideal for blind wall applications, where there is no space to apply external membrane systems.
KIM is highly affordable. The cost of the system is more than offset by the cost savings realized by eliminating the time and labour required to install an external waterproofing membrane system.
Even the best quality external waterproofing membrane will eventually dry, crack or otherwise deteriorate. When this happens, your concrete structure is left vulnerable to water and corrosive elements. Unlike external membrane systems, however, KIM is impervious to physical damage or deterioration. It lasts the lifetime of the structure and, by blocking out waterborne contaminants, it protects steel reinforcements from corrosion and extends the life of the structure.
Certified non-toxic, KIM is ideal for use in a wide variety of pre-cast, shotcrete and cast-in-place applications such as bridges, dams, tunnels, swimming pools, water storage and wastewater treatment facilities, parking garages, basements and foundations.
Example Projects:
  • The Pier Hotel, Killybegs, Co.Donegal, Ireland
  • Breslin’s Bar and Restaurant, Donegal Town, Ireland
  • Clew Bay Hotel
  • Jacksons Hotel Basement
  • Private House with Squash Court and Basement
  • Ballyliffen Lodge Hotel and Spa